The Parallel System

The parallel system is based on thought and emotion. Thought in this context means a given thought that suddenly hits a person, not to be confused with a fabricated one. Every person has an innate specific ‘code’ which gives certain impulses when experiencing something inside or outside oneself. These impulses are transported throughout the body to the organs and/or parts of the skeletal system important for the experience. The innate ‘code’, like a pre-recorded melody, is supposed to match the melody of emotions a person experiences inside when feeling. When a disharmony occurs between these two melodies, a change in the body structure is occurring and the transference of information is interrupted. This information from the original ‘code’ is vital in order to experience oneself as whole. If the ‘breaks’ cannot be breached the experience of one’s Self will be without meaning, as the emotion cannot reach all the way to the specific part of the body which is supposed to be touched.



The structure in this parallel system deals with how to create parallels within, between what is given and what is experienced, that means between the innate code and the emotions a person is feeling. Every person experiences something every time a given thought is sent through the system. The given thought rules everything and always comes before the emotion. In order to breach the ‘breaks’ that are occurring in the energy system a person needs to combine the different parts to be united. This is what we call parallellizing. When a given thought picks up speed, it erases all other signals occurring in the body and highlights those parts of the body it touches. A chemical reaction is then occurring, showing the linkage to the emotion in the touched parts of the body. If the emotion does not have a proper linkage to the part of the body that has been touched, the thought will not get any response. It will ‘skip’ the area and the person will have a ‘blind’ spot, as all emotional information behind it fails to reach the thought. The action based on this kind of thought will then be misleading, as all information needed is not received.


When creating parallels, a frequency change occurs in the body which in turn changes the metabolism. The entire system is built on what has occurred, is occurring, and will occur, i.e., timeless. Every part of the body is built on the love one has for oneself.


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